Confused by the notary or loan signing process? Not sure what needs to be included on your document to legally confirm your identity? Below are some "Frequently Asked Questions" that will take the mystery out of the Notary Public and exactly what we do!

Mobile Notary Public FAQ

Loan Signing Agent FAQ

What is a mobile notary public?

A Arizona Notary Public is a person of proven integrity appointed by the Arizona Secretary of State to serve the public as an impartial witness in confirming identity, taking acknowledgements, administering oaths and affirmations, and performing other acts authorized by law. First Choice Mobile Notary Services provides an affordable and convenient alternative to an office appointment and will come to you. A Arizona Mobile Notary Public will travel to your home, place of business or other convenient meeting spot!

What does a mobile notary public charge?

Fees vary and can be as much as $15 in some states and as little as 50 cents in others and is mandated by state law. Arizona law limits the amount to $10 per signature, and a notary may charge travel or appointment fees, in addition. See more details on coverage areas and fees at MOBILE NOTARY FEES

Why get something notarized?

To provide a deterrent to fraud. An impartial witness (the Notary) ensures that the signers of documents are who they say they are and are not impostors. The Notary makes sure that signers have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly, are of sound mind, present proper identification, and will administer an oath, when required.

Why can’t I notarize a blank document?

It is required by law to be complete at the time of signing. This is both because it is required by the Notary Public, and because it is a good way to prevent fraud. If a signer signs an incomplete document, someone else can alter it in an unfavorable way that the signer did not intend to sign.

Can a notary public refuse to help me?

The Notary shall, as a government officer and public officer and public servant, serve all of the public in an honest, fair and unbiased manner. Only if the Notary is uncertain of a signer's identity, willingness or general competence, or has a good reason to suspect fraud can the notary refuse the notarization. Notaries should not refuse to serve anyone because of race, religion, nationality, lifestyle, or because the person is not a client or customer. Discrimination on any basis is not a suitable policy for a public official.

How late are you open?Are you 24/7?

First Choice Mobile Notary Services is available 7 days a week, but not 24 hours. Office hours are as follows: Monday to Friday 7am-9pm Saturday 8am-9pm Sunday - by appointment Only. But we will always try our best to fulfill every late night, last minute, and holiday notary request.

What is required for a document to be notarized?

 It must contain the following elements: Text committing the signer in some way. An original signature of the signer, not a photocopy (if a signature is required). A notarial "certificate", which may appear on the document itself or on an attachment. The Notary fills in the certificate, signs it, then applies his or her seal to complete the notarization

May an Arizona notary public give legal advice or draft legal documents?

No. A Arizona Notary Public is forbidden from preparing legal documents for others or acting as a legal advisor unless he or she is also an attorney. Violators can be fined and/or jailed for the unauthorized practice of law.

Does a notarization mean that a document is “true” or “legal”?

No. A Arizona Notary Public is not responsible for the accuracy or legality of documents they notarize. A Arizona Notary can only certify the identity of signers. The signers are responsible for the content of the documents.

Do I have to appear personally for notarization of my documents?

Yes. In Arizona, for a notary public to properly perform an acknowledgement or jurat or administer an oath or affirmation, it is imperative for the person to appear before the notary public. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Can an Arizona notary public serve as a witness and a notary public?

A notary public cannot act in both capacities as a notary public and the impartial witness at the same time in the performance of a notarial act.

Can an Arizona notary public perform remote online notarization's (RON)?


What forms of ID do you accept?

Mobile notaries accept a variety of documents. A current driver's license, passport, non-driver's license ID or military ID is always acceptable. All government issued IDs are acceptable.

Mobile Notary Services- Is there one near me?

Most likely yes. If you need help click on the contact page.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

Call us at 602.622.3974

What is a notary signing agent (NSA) or loan signing agent (LSA)?

A Notary Signing Agent (NSA) or Loan Signing Agent (LSA) is a Arizona Notary Public with distinctive expertise and specialized training in notarizing loan and real estate documents. A good signing agent is certified by the National Notary Association (NNA).

Why do Loan signing agents exist?

Title and escrow companies need a neutral third party, who does not have a financial interest in the loan closing. Loan signing agents fit that bill.  LSA’s have the expertise to go through the documents with the borrower and they are a notary public, so they can notarize the documents.

Can an individual contact you to notarize their loan documents?

Yes and no. Let me explain.  The homeowner may contact us, but they will need to inform their real estate agent and most importantly their escrow officer.  They need to inform the escrow officer that they want First Choice Mobile Notary Services to be their loan signing agent for their closing.  The escrow officer will contact First Choice Mobile Notary Services to set it up.

Can a loan signing agent refuse to help the borrower and/or seller?

Only if the loan signing agent is uncertain of a signer's identity, willingness or general competence, or has a good reason to suspect fraud can the notary refuse the notarization.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, First Choice Mobile Notary Services notary is bonded and insured. $15k bond and $100k errors and omissions insurance.

What certifications do you have?

First Choice Mobile Notary Services believes in staying knowledgeable about their industry and always expanding their expertise.  Currently certified through Notary2Pro, Loan Signing System and Pavaso.

What are your fees?

Go to the Mobile Notary Services page and click on the specific services you are looking for.  There you will find the fees for your needs.

What is your coverage area?

The coverage areas currently for Loan signing are: Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Tolleson, Chandler, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Litchfield, Laveen, Guadalupe.

Do you perform remote online notarization's (RON) for loan signings?

Not at this time.  In the process of adding this service.  So bookmark this website.

Can you perform e-signings?

Yes. I am Pavaso certified.