We Operate Differently

We do not think one notary public service and done.  We strive to be there for you for a lifetime.  Think of us as a resource for your notary and real estates needs in the Phoenix AZ metro area. If you need notary public assistance now click the button below to call, so we can schedule your appointment.

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery


It is not just about servicing your immediate need of notary services.  We are here to be a resource in all aspect of your real estate or general notary needs. Our motto is if we can't help you, we will find someone who will. Not only that, we will follow up to ensure everything went great.  Click on this  Get Resources  to be taken to our resource page.

fair fees 

We strive for our clients to feel as though they should have paid more for the services they received.  Our fees for our services are in line with industry standards. Click on this Mobile Notary Services  to be taken to service page. Find the specific service you need, click on it and it will take you to the fees for that service.

quality representation

It is nothing worst than to refer a business or have someone represent your business and get a call back asking you, "What were you thinking sending me to this person."  Unfortunately we all had this experience.  Not with First Choice Mobile Notary Services. Not only do we show up looking professional, we are highly educated in our profession. Below is our skill section.

Skills are the most underrated aspect of Mobile Notary business success

National Notary Association Member
Notary2Pro certified Loan Signing Agent and Reverse Mortgage Specialist
Loan Signing System certified Loan Signing Agent
Certified Notary Signing Agent Trained Notary Signing Agent
National Notary Association Certified and Screened Notary Signing Agent

Other Trainings To Expand Our Knowledge:

Steps To How We Work

Step 1

We will have the initial intake call to discuss the following:


- The specific services you are requesting

- Fees for the service you are requesting

- Scheduling the appointment (time, day and location)


- The services we can perform that solves your need

- Our fee schedule

- The locations we cover

- Where to send our credentials/insurance information

Step 2


- Text you when we are on our way to the appointment and the time we will arrive


- Follow up with you to ensure you received our information

- Make sure there is nothing else you need from us

Step 3


- Arrive at the appointment

- Perform the notarization of your document(s)

- Depending on the document(s) notarized, offer resources from our preferred vendors

-Receive the payment for service(s) (online or cash)

- Ask for permission to stay in contact and to take survey


- Follow up to ensure we are in your company system as a preferred signing agent

- Inquire if there is any of your clients we can service.  If yes, discuss the assignment and receive the information in order to fulfill the requirements.

Step 4


-Send online survey to you for your feedback of our performance

- If you gave us permission to stay in contact, we will send you monthly correspondence of informative information


- Complete assignment (if received from prior conversation)

- Follow up after completion of assignment for feedback of performance

- If did not receive assignment, reach out to keep the lines of communication open. 

Contact Us

Do me a favor.  Add First Choice Mobile Notary Service as a contact, if viewing this on your phone. If on a laptop, get your phone out and add  as a contact.   All the information you need is below.


7805 S 21st Dr , Phoenix, AZ, 85041, US


(602) 622-3974

open hours

Monday - Friday : 7am - 9pm

Saturday: 8am - 9pm

Sunday: By Appointment Only

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